So long . . .

Those of you who were becoming regular readers of Colorado Tech Times earlier this year may have noticed the sudden lapse in postings several months ago.

I realize it’s a bit belated, but I’d like to finally offer some explanation for my sudden vanishing act.

No, it wasn’t a case of Fat Tire overdose (see my last post, below).

In May, I accepted a job as senior writer for the Loomis Group, a San Francisco technology PR firm. Since then, I simply haven’t had the time to make further posts to this blog. And considering some other duties I’ve taken on since then, that doesn’t appear likely to change anytime soon.

Oddly enough, the blog continues to draw readers – as many as 50 a day. So even though I’m no longer posting additional material to this forum, I’ve decided to leave the site and its postings online as a reference for those seeking information about Colorado’s technology industry.

It was fun. I’d love to do it again sometime when time permits. But for now, you’ll have to look elsewhere for news on Colorado’s burgeoning tech sector. For starters, I’d suggest checking out some of the links along the right side of this page.


– Russ –


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