Revolutionary running shoes?

Inside Triathlon magazine has an interesting interview this week with Danny Abshire, co-founder and owner of Boulder’s Newton Running, which is trotting out a new line of running shoes at this weekend’s Ford Ironman 70.3 race in Oceanside, California.newton3.jpg

The company claims that its shoes — named for Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of physics — return an average of 58% of a runner’s energy to their stride compared with typical running shoes’ 42% energy return. In development for a decade, they use a so-called “active membrane” that stretches on impact and then returns to its original shape, pushing “actuator lugs” in the soles outward and returning energy into forward propulsion.

Most runners, however, will have to adjust their technique from landing heels first, to landing on their forefoot, which the company contends is how we all naturally run when barefoot.

Newton’s running team of elite triathletes claims to be running faster and covering more ground since switching to the new shoes.

Four models are available initially, in limited sizes and quantites, through Newton’s website,, and at Abshire’s Active Imprints shop in Boulder. Prices range from $155 to $175 a pair.


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