A modest milestone

Today Colorado Tech Times attracted its 1,000th viewer, and surged right on past that modest milestone.

Obviously that’s still a long, long way from catching up with the blogosphere’s leading sites, some of which reportedly attract millions of readers. But the growth thus far has been steady and encouraging, with readership now approaching 100 viewers per day.

That’s not so bad, I suppose, for something launched scarcely a month ago with zero capital expense, zero advertising and publicized only by a bit of email networking and word of mouth. Granted, there’s also been no income thus far, and it’s yet to be seen whether, or for how long, I’ll be able to continue doing daily blog stories on top of my paid freelance magazine work.

For now, I’d have to say the jury’s still out on Colorado Tech Times. Virtually all of the feedback has been positive to date, and I’m still having fun writing about an interesting, vital subject in such a new, unfiltered medium.

On the other hand, I hope to eventually get some sponsorship and be able to, as they say, “monetize” the project. So there’s much I still need to learn about the subject of making money in the blogosphere.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for further developments.

– Russ Arensman –


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