Boulder innnovator’s insights

The Creative Generalist blog yesterday posted a fascinating interview with Adrian Chernoff, the Chief Creative Officer of Ideation Genesis, an innovation company based in Boulder.

Chernoff — a mechanical engineer whose varied career has included stints at General Motors, Disney, NASA and the Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories — has generated 50 U.S. patents and 12 international patents. He’s worked on everything from new and improved rubber bands (Rubber Bandits™) to theme park rides to cars of the future, and says he’s currently developing a new drink product.

For some thought-provoking ideas on creativity, the process of innovation and the importance of patents, check out this timely article. Also, check out Chernoff’s website, which celebrates the contributions of people like the Muppets’ Jim Henson and inventor Nikola Tesla, whose ideas have changed the world.

New factories are always helpful. But let’s never forget that it’s creative, entrepreneurial individuals like Chernoff that will truly power Colorado’s tech economy into the next century.


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