Offshore / nearshore, it’s still all about cheaper labor

An interesting article by San Jose Mercury News reporter Nicole Wong reports that large tech companies – including Sun, Intel and Hewlett-Packard – aren’t shifting customer-support jobs only to China and India, but also to closer “near-shore” locales such as Canada’s Nova Scotia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

The practice reduces some of the problems typically associated with providing support multiple time zones away from customers and companies’ home markets. In any event, many tech execs claim that they’re not really shifting U.S. jobs abroad – just expanding abroad with new jobs.

The Colorado connection? The Merc’s Wong cites a confidential 2005 HP memo listing Colorado Springs and Littleton, CO as sites from which customer-service jobs were to be shifted to Guadalajara, Mexico by mid-2006. No word from the company on whether the job shifts actually took place.


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